Question: Can I Use My Seniors Card Interstate?

Does Woolworths accept Seniors Card?

New South Wales One of the latest deals to be offered is with supermarket giant Woolworths, which offers senior cardholders a number of discount including 20 per cent off pre-paid mobile Sim card packages, as well as discounted grocery delivery and 5 per cent off the price of Woolies WISH gift cards..

What does a NSW Seniors Card entitle you to?

The NSW Seniors Card gives you access to the Gold Opal Card transport concessions and public transport concessions Australia-wide. If you reduce your paid employment to 20 hours a week or less (averaged over 12 months), or you retire completely, you can convert your Senior Savers Card to a Seniors Card.

Does Woolworths still have seniors shopping?

Monday 16th March 2020: Woolworths Supermarkets is introducing temporary measures across its stores to help support the shopping needs of the elderly and people with disability in the community. … Woolworths Supermarkets will open to ​all customers from 8am.

Do seniors get free delivery from Woolworths?

Woolworths first introduced Priority Assistance home deliveries on 13 March 2020 to help the elderly, people with disability and those in mandatory isolation. … To apply for Priority Assistance delivery, customers need to complete the form at or call 1800 000 610 to find out more.

Can I use my Queensland Seniors Card in NSW?

Seniors cards not accepted in NSW New Zealand SuperGold Card, National Seniors Card, Qld Seniors Business Discount Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

What does Seniors Card entitle you to?

Introduced by the NSW Government in 1992, the Seniors Card offers NSW permanent residents who are 60 or older (and meet certain criteria) discounts on goods and services, cheaper public transport, holidays and in some cases, cheaper utilities. …

Do McDonalds give free coffee to seniors?

McDonalds Partial to the golden arches? You’ll be happy to hear your senior’s card entitles you to a free coffee/tea/soft drink with any burger or McMuffin purchase.

Do seniors get discounts on electricity?

From 1 July 2019 the NSW Government will provide a rebate of $200 to eligible NSW electricity customers who hold the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. … Only one rebate will be paid per household, for the principal place of residence.

Do Coles give seniors discount?

Coles 10% seniors discount – YourLifeChoices.

What does a seniors card entitle you to in Victoria?

Not only do Victorian Seniors Card-holders get a free myki card (usually $6, or $3 for a concession myki card), they also receive the following: 50% discount on full fares. free travel on weekends in two consecutive zones. two or four annual Victorian off-peak travel vouchers.

Do Chemist Warehouse give seniors discount?

No, Chemist Warehouse does not offer senior discounts.

Can I use my NSW Seniors Card interstate?

Can I use my NSW Seniors Card interstate? Yes. Members are entitled to public transport concession fares in other states and territories. (See the Seniors Card website for the state/territory you’re visiting for details on how to access concessions there.)

What benefits do you get when you turn 60 in Australia?

Age Pension provides income support for eligible older Australians. If you get Age Pension you also have access to a range of concessions. If you meet age and residence requirements, we’ll calculate how much Age Pension you can get. This depends on your income, assets and other circumstances.

Does Wendy’s give free coffee to seniors?

Review of Wendy’s. Description: Just as we are committed to serving the best quality food every single day, we are committed to serving you during this time. Soda and coffee is always free to senior citizen. …

Do Bunnings give seniors discount?

No, Bunnings Warehouse does not offer senior discounts. … However, Bunnings Warehouse does offer coupons and discount codes.

Do pensioners get free train travel?

You can also use the railcard to purchase Off Peak Day Travelcards for travel on the weekends and bank holidays, and after 9:30am on weekdays. However, if you live in a London Borough and you’re over 60, you can apply for the 60+ Oyster Photocard which gets you free travel on all TfL services.

Does Harvey Norman give seniors discount?

No, Harvey Norman does not offer senior discounts.

Do the good guys give seniors discount?

No, Good Guys does not offer senior discounts.

What are the benefits of a WA Seniors Card?

WA Seniors Card members can receive 50% off all regional point-to-point travel with a SmartRider card. Interstate Seniors Card holders also receive a concession. 50% discount for WA Seniors Card members. WA Seniors Card members can receive up to $54.34 off a pair of spectacles every two years.

Who gives free coffee to seniors?

Denny’s. Senior discount: If you are an AARP member, you can save 15% on your order (including coffee). Rewards program: Denny’s Rewards sends coupons and savings opportunities straight to your inbox.

Which grocery stores offer senior discounts?

Grocery Stores With Senior DiscountsAmerican Discount Foods. Shoppers 62+ can get an additional 10% off every Monday.Compare Foods Supermarket. Senior shoppers 60+ can take an additional 10% off on Tuesdays.Fred Meyer. … Fry’s Food Stores. … Gristedes Supermarket. … Harris Teeter. … New Seasons Market. … Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace.