Question: What Happens If Someone Gets Hurt On My Trampoline?

How do I protect myself from a trampoline lawsuit?

What Steps Should I Take to Avoid Becoming Part of a Trampoline Lawsuit?Purchase trampoline insurance coverage.Consider investing in a fence around your property.Discourage or forbid multiple simultaneous users on the trampoline.Purchase a trampoline safety net (and lock for the net)More items…•.

Has anyone ever died on a trampoline?

Since 1990, CPSC has received reports of 11 deaths relating to trampoline use. 6 victims being teenagers, ages 12 to 19. Falls from the trampoline were the most frequent cause of death, followed by landing on the neck while attempting somersaults.

Can jumping on a trampoline hurt your brain?

No children under 6 Their bodies are not developed enough, and their bones are not strong enough to handle the impact of repetitive jumping. Allowing children under six on a trampoline can cause brain and spine injuries as well as organ damage.

Do you need extra insurance if you have a trampoline?

If you are considering a trampoline then you need to review your homeowner’s insurance policy with your insurance agent. This is to be sure that do not have an exclusion and that the insurance company will continue to provide coverage and that there is no increase in premium.

Does State Farm Insurance allow trampolines?

Many insurance companies offer homeowner’s policies that allow for trampolines, including Allstate, Amica Mutual Insurance, Farmers Insurance, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm. … Other home insurance providers will insure trampolines if certain safety precautions are met.

Which insurance companies cover trampolines?

But some insurance companies consider them too big of a liability risk to cover. Trampolines are a major cause of injuries and lawsuits, and home insurers are aware of this….Home insurance companies that cover trampolinesAllstate.Amica.Farmers.GEICO.Liberty Mutual.Nationwide.Progressive.

What is the most common injury on a trampoline?

Strains, contusions and sprains stand as the most common injuries, with nearly 40 percent of all injuries resulting from falls from the trampoline. Among trampoline injuries treated in emergency rooms, 4 percent result in a hospital stay.

Can you hurt yourself on a trampoline?

Common injuries include: Concussions and other head injuries. Sprains/strains. Bruises, scrapes, and cuts. Head and neck injuries (which can lead to permanent paralysis or death)

Is a trampoline an attractive nuisance?

What Is An Attractive Nuisance? Because children are inherently drawn to trampolines, a trampoline is considered an attractive nuisance. An attractive nuisance is any object, structure, or condition that is both dangerous and irresistibly inviting or intriguing to children.

Is a trampoline considered a structure?

The trampoline would be deemed a structure – which is defined as “a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts”. A trampoline is usually a large piece of equipment. Certainly larger than most and therefore could easily be determined as a structure.

How common are trampoline accidents?

Children’s Injuries Forearm and wrist fractures, resulting largely from falls either onto the trampoline itself or the ground, were the most common injury (20% of injuries). As can be seen in Figure 1 the injuries occurred for children of all ages but were most frequent for those aged 6 years.

Is it a law to have a net around a trampoline?

are there any laws against having a trampoline in your front yard so long as you have a net around it and a sign to keep off? no there aren’t, but most isurance companies won’t allow them.