Quick Answer: What Is The Other Term Of Circle?

What is a antonym for Circle?

Antonyms of CIRCLE middle, let go, individual, center, exclude, inside, open, free, interior, release, stagnation..

What is the definition of a sphere?

1 : an object (as the moon) shaped like a ball. 2 : a figure so shaped that every point on its surface is an equal distance from its center. 3 : a field of influence or activity Electrical work is outside a plumber’s sphere.

Is a sphere a circle?

Like a circle in a two-dimensional space, a sphere is defined mathematically as the set of points that are all at the same distance r from a given point in a three-dimensional space.

What is another word for circle?

Circle Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for circle?roundringbandhooploopdiscUKhalocircletcirquecycle147 more rows

Are cliques good or bad?

When adults think about teen cliques, they fall back on the notion that cliques are bad. And they certainly can be: cliques create boundaries to adolescent friendships and can promote bad behavior. … But cliques aren’t all bad. Seriously, they’re not.

Why are cliques bad?

But sometimes groups of employees form cliques at work. When this happens, it is detrimental to employee morale and can lead to workplace bullying. Cliques cause employees on the outside to feel like they are less important or worthy than those on the inside. And, that’s just bad for business.

What is another name for center?

What is another word for center?hubbasebreeding groundfocal pointnerve centercentralcentreUKmiddlepivotkernel92 more rows

What words describe a circle?

According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for “circle” are: round, shape, ellipse, diameter, and circumference.

How do you describe a circle graph?

Initial Definition. A circle graph is a visual representation of data, made by dividing a circle into sectors that each represent parts of a whole. Usually the amounts in each sector are represented in percent, so that all of the amounts total 100%. Circle Graph Example.

Is it clique or click?

Click has various meanings as a verb and a noun, but it usually refers to a short, sharp sound or the act of pressing a button on a computer mouse. Clique is always a noun that refers to a small, exclusive group.

What is the opposite shape of a circle?

triangleWell, if you consider a circle to be a shape with an infinite amount of sides, then the opposite would be a triangle because it’s the least number of sides you can have and not be a line.

What does the word Civil mean?

1a : of or relating to citizens civil duties. b : of or relating to the state or its citizenry civil strife. 2a : civilized civil society. b : adequate in courtesy and politeness : mannerly a civil question It was hard to be civil when I felt so angry.

What is the longest chord in the circle?

diameterA chord that passes through the center of a circle is called a diameter and is the longest chord.

What is another name for the center of a circle?

focusThe center of a circle is also called the focus of the circle.

What does clique mean?

A clique (AusE, CanE, UK: /ˈkliːk/ or US: /ˈklɪk/), in the social sciences, is a group of individuals who interact with one another and share similar interests. Interacting with cliques is part of normative social development regardless of gender, ethnicity or popularity.

How do you explain circle to a child?

A circle is a shape that is made up of a curved line. It’s round, and all points on the curved line are an equal distance from the center point. This shape is two-dimensional, which means it’s flat. The black dot represents the center of the circle.

What is another word for center of interest?

What is another word for centre of interest?featurehighlightheadlinerinnovationhoneypotspecialcrowd-pleasercrowd-pullerfocal pointspecial attraction9 more rows